Our Team

Our Consulting Department operates in various areas and sectors such as business law and its international corporate practices, construction, consumer law, public services, infrastructure and transportation, industry, logistics, informatics, media, entertainment and telecommunications, private capital, real estate, tourism and hotel management, retail services, finance, insolvency and bankruptcy, competition law, corporate law, mergers and acquisitions, compensation law, foreign investments, franchising, distributorship, intellectual property law, lease law, family law.

Our Litigation/Enforcement Department provides expert level services regarding all kinds of litigation, arbitration and other alternative dispute resolution methods including enforcement and bankruptcy proceedings.

We have a wide range of active clients in various fields including international trade companies, reputable tourism enterprises and industrial establishments. We have provided/still providing services as legal counsel for many respectable institutions with foreign and Turkish capital.

With our consulting and litigation services, we provide our clients a wide service network to overcome any difficulties our clients possibly face in business life and to meet the changing needs of the various sectors.

DUH has technical knowledge and equipment in all sectors and fields of activity with its expert lawyer team in order to provide the best quality service to its clients.

Founding Partner
Founding Partner