About Us

Dinçer–Ünal Law Firm (“DUH”) is a full service and boutique law practice based in Istanbul Turkey. The strong foundation of DUH is attibuted to the founding partners, with Ebru Unal having vast experience in international practice combined with her experience as a partner at one of the biggest law firms in Turkey and Mehmet Ali Dincer, who is an expert in local practice and also a long time partner of a boutique law firm founded way back in 1984 called Ariemre Attorneys at Law dealing with some of the biggest international enterprises in tourism, logistics and trade.

DUH approaches clients’ needs and expectations from a solution-oriented and entrepreneurial perspective. We provide legal solutions for local and foreign developers, contractors, owners, individuals and organizational entrepreneurs on various sectors with our dynamic legal knowledge and hands on experience in the field, in a timely and cost-effective manner.

The foundation of our client service philosophy is to build strong relationships. We believe it is important to learn about each client’s particular industry, business and culture, with the goal of becoming an extension of their team.

Our commitment to provide best legal advice and solution to our clients is based on the credibility, efficiency, and ability to create quick solutions by our expert team along with the systematic legacy contributed by all colleagues and business associates of our office across Turkey and globally.

Our Principles and Diversity
“Success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines, practiced every day.”

  • We follow up our services personally with a great care from the beginning to the end of the legal process.
  • We initiate and maintain our legal relations at the level of our partners/most experienced associates.
  • We have sectoral expertise on the areas we work.
  • We carry out legal procedures taking legal and practical implementation into consideration.
  • We use the time of our clients effectively. We provide legal support through our experienced associates.
  • Our service network covering the whole country allows us to provide quick and effective legal services at regional and local level.
  • We provide international consulting services with the help of our global business associates.
  • It is our priority to use time efficiently to reach the goals in litigation procedures.

Sector-Oriented Approach

DUH aims to provide sector-oriented counselling to transaction areas of clients. Within this regard, we believe that detailed sectoral knowledge and experience within activity areas of our clients are necessary for effective and efficient legal solutions.

We follow up all legal and administrative developments in various sectors such as trade, tourism, industry and manufacturing, logistics, maritime trade and transportation, insurance, IT, media, entertainment and telecom, financial services, energy, health, real estate and construction and keep our clients updated regarding possible opportunities and risks. In that regard, we guarantee a persistent relationship based on trust.

We have an extensive experience especially in labor law and multinational company implementations on that field, distributor and retailer relations and online sale within the framework of their needs in new terms and their digital legal structure.

We’re working with experts, financial advisors, tax experts, financial advisors and economists who are connected or in cooperation with our office, if necessary and in the fields we have sectoral experience, we provide comprehensive technical support in addition to our legal support.

Our Client-Oriented Service Approach

Our clients benefit from our private services in best quality with utmost care in communication to the clients and follow-up of each legal process by partner attorneys.

While offering a wide range of services to our clients, we are determined to provide legal solutions within our organization without any further consultancy by mobilizing all the resources of our office at our disposal.

Along with providing goal-oriented solutions for clients’ needs, DUH also provides extensive and attentive advice to the clients with intersectoral approach and enterprising perspective. Our success on best legal advice and solutions rely on our experienced team’s ability to create solutions, its credibility and effectiveness.

Our Network

DUH is located in Beşiktaş region in Istanbul. Due to the nature of the client to reduce both costs and improve efficiency on behalf of all of Turkey; our extensive service network is operated in an effective manner. Within this context, we operate through lawyers and offices directly connected to our office in whole Turkey.

Our office is organized to efficiently provide legal services related to lawsuits and enforcement proceedings substituted in various regions of Turkey. Within respect to this structure, especially sector-specific disputes in the field of commercial law, employment law and consumer cases and follow-up procedures we provide
services to satisfy the needs of clients through their extensive dealership network in Turkey with the appropriate solutions in terms of cost.